Kitties Vs. Puppies

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messycupcakes via Compfight (cat)
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Hi Everybody,

If I had to choose one I’d have to say Puppies. Here are my reasons:

  1.  They are so playful. squeak anything and their ears perk up in an adorable way.
  2.  They’re less likely to give me a cut. Cats can be evil.
  3.  Puppies get really sleepy at certain times of day and then you have to cuddle them
  4.  They’re really loyal. If you’re crying they will comfort you.
  5.  Puppies won’t turn on you unless you turn on them. They love me!

Ok, so those are my reasons. If you are wondering about the last one, my cousins cat, Bootsie, turned evil  on her 3rd birthday… for no reason.


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4 thoughts on “Kitties Vs. Puppies

  1. I totally agree with you I love puppies the bad thing is that my parents won’t let me have one for no reason. I like puppies because they are playful and cuddle and their fur is so soft like a pillow, meanwhile cats they throw hair balls everywhere and they aren’t playful as much as dogs.You should also visit our website:

    • Janeth,
      Don’t get me wrong, I love puppies… but I also love cats, rats, mice, gerbels, guine pigs, bunnies, horses, birds, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, etc. I’m an animal lover! Both cats and dogs have their pro’s and con’s. Cats spit airballs, dogs it their butts on carpets. Cats claw things, dogs shed a gazillion pounds of fur a day. Certain people prefer different things. I like pink and sparkles (and all bright colours really) and other people despise of them. I think we just need to focus in on all the good stuff of both, or spend our entire lives acting like there is no such thing as good. Look around and say, “The world isn’t perfect, but its good enough for life to be on it.” Don’t waist a second hating anything, because in the end, we all die and I don’t know about you, but I’d like to be remembered as a happy, joyous, person who could dance in a lightening storm.
      -Liv 😛

  2. Liv, I totally agree with you. In my opinion, dogs are more loyal and lovable than kittens. I do think that kittens are adorable, but I prefer having a dog as a pet. I also agree that all animals have their pros and cons. What animals do you have as a pet?
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    • Chloe,
      I have a lot of fish in a pond in my backyard, and a doggie named Jake. But we usually call him Buppy, Jakey, and Poopy (My little brothers first attempt to say puppy. It just kinda stuck.). I think Kittens can be just as lovable as puppies, it just depends on there personality. Animals are so funny! 😛

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