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Hello Dearies. This is my last post on this blog… Supposedly.

As the year comes to an end I figured I’d better not leave you all hanging on My Cloud Nine, so if you have wattpad, my story is being continued there.

I don’t really know what to write here so I think I’ll do a bit of everything. I’m gonna go on a mini rant about goodbyes.

Goodbyes are always terribly sad. You always feel so good and happy with other people and then you say goodbye and watch them walk away just feeling like with every step like a piece of you is going with them. There’s the best quote for that: goodbye
This image is NOT by me.

I love this one because it really is what happens. Last year my best friend moved away and I haven’t heard much from her since. It was a very sad day… 🙁

anyways! Back to a happier topic; Summer! I’ve got a lot of great quotes for summer.

“Sandy toes, sun kissed nose.” -Anonymous

“tans will fade but the memories will last forever.”-Anonymous

“She acts like summer and walks like rain” – Train Drops of Jupiter

“She was a little all over the place, that was for sure. But the good news is that when she loved, she loved big. And if she loved you, you knew she loved you. You never had to wonder.” -Cleo Wade

“She was too quiet, or she was too loud. She took things too seriously, or not seriously at all. She was too sensitive, or too cold-hearted. She hated with every fibre of her being, or loved with every piece of her heart. There was no in between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything but settled for nothing.” -Stacy T. Hunt

“The one’s who say ‘You Can’t’ and ‘ You Won’t’ are probably the one’s who are scared that ‘You Will'” -Anonymous

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” -Karim Seddiki  

Have a great summer and to all you people with a dream, go out and make it a reality.

So long and Farewell,

-Liv <3 😛

My Cloud 9 (Chapter 13)

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How is this possible?? Well anyways… Enjoy!


Chapter 13

Jeremy bristles as I walk by. His eyes don’t meet mine and I know exactly why. I say nothing. Neither does he.

I sit at the far back of the room. He sits at the very front.

After class I walk to my locker. So does he. We make no contact. Until 4th period.


“Well class,” Mr. Lermer says loudly. I sit there like statue. I don’t even have to turn around to know he’s staring at me. I can feel the anger of his eyes.


“Ahem… Mr. Crincer? Do you have something to say?” Mr. Lermer is talking to him.


“No.” Jeremy states flatly. “But She does.” I hear him mutter softly as Mr. Lermer moves his attention on to another student. I rush to finish my math and get excused early.


“You know Miss Feanever, you are a very bright girl, and I’d love to hear your idea’s, If you’d only tell them to me…” Mr. Lermer truly tries to get me to talk, but I just look through him and leave the room.  


The halls are dark and empty. My shoes were the only noise in them. Until I hear another pair.


“Kivikova, Start talking.” Jeremy says. I don’t even stop.  “Kova! Look at me and say something!” His voice is so loud it would strike fear into almost anyone. But I am no longer someone.


He grabs me with a firm grip and spins me toward him. Through gritted teeth he spits. “Start talking.” Nothing.


“Kova Please.” He starts melting.  He melts with his whole body, slowly at first, but quickening as he goes. It’s somewhat graceful, and extremely contagious. I cry.


I cry for the first time in a long time.

And it feels good.


“Kova, I…I love you.” He says quickly. I freeze.


“What?” My voice sounds strange and different against the air.


“ I love you.” He sounds stronger this time, like he knows I heard him the first time, and its not something he can easily take back.


I repeat after him.

And I mean every word.  


Well? What do you all think? Please Comment and Give me some suggestions!

-Liv 😛


edited by Chantal 





Rrrrrrrrumplestiltskin! -OUaT quotes.

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Hey Oncers of the world!

I love Once Upon A Time. Like, seroisly… I think I have a problem. Season 6 is offical and I am so excited! Not that I’ve finished season 5, but still.

Creative Commons License Disney | ABC Television Group via Compfight

Rumplestiltskin  has a lot of amazing quotes, like for example, his iconic “Dearie”(see above) .  I thought it’d be nice to list a few here:

  • They say that dreams are memories, memories of another life…
  • You feed the madness and it feeds on you!!!
  • All the voices in my head will be quiet when I’m dead!
  • All magic comes with a price!
  • You sent me a message, something about ‘help, help, we’re dying, come save us!’
  • *The Laugh*
  • Mehehehehhe! DEALS!
  • No one comes to see me without a deal in mind…
  • Love has killed more than any disease.
  • Even Mutes can draw a picture.
  • Charming: Why would you want my cloak? Rumple: Its drafty in here.
  • Rumple: You have your mother’s chin, Miss Swan- Emma: We know you killed him. Rumple: And your fathers tact...
  • Graham: Sorry, I thought you where a wolf. Rumple: Did I forget to shave. 
  • It appears when I bought that closed sign, I was just throwing my money away. 
  • Charming: Why are you helping me? Rumple: I’m a fan of true love dearie!
  • Regina: We have a complicated history… Rumple: Well, that would explain the distasteful look on her face.
  •  Mr. Smee: We haven’t discussed my price- Rumple: I spin straw into gold. Price shouldn’t be a problem. 
  • Rumple: Look, uh… can i ask you a question? A-about you and Mary Margaret. H-how does that work? Charming: Are you asking dating advice? 
  • I’m not walking in there with nothing but my good looks.
  • But I’m a Villain, and Villains don’t get happy endings. 
  • Roast Swan. Thats amusing! You’ll get that later…
  • When you see the future, there is irony everywhere.
  • Apparently, fate has a sense of humor. 
  • I had hoped  you where dead, but hey, disappointment is just a part of life.
  • You Shall See, you will come to me, There is more you need. Oh! 


Well, I’ll be back with more very very soon, Dearie!

-Liv 😛

Once Upon A Time: Overview of it All-Seasons 1 through 4

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Hey People!

Image created by abc’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ creators!

So, as you know from Brooke J’s post, Once Upon A Time is a TV series… and a very good one too. I’ve just started, I’m on season 4, and I’m in love. I’ve heard a big spoiler about…. Emma Swan and Hook becoming the Dark One! OMG that would be just awful! If Emma, the saviour, was… no longer good, and her true love was also the Dark One, who would save them? What if true loves kiss doesn’t work if both are cursed?!


Storybrooke is such a cute little town, with Granny’s Diner (my favourite), Belle’s Library, the Clock tower, Mayor Mills {Modern!} Office, The Hospital, The Cemetery, The Wharf, THE JOLLY RODGER! (another favourite…. not necessarily a Storybrooke thing, but still….)

And the little details and catch phrases. Rumplestiltskin’s “Dearie” is always hilarious.


How’s about I make a list?:

Rumple: Dearie, Precious, Magic always comes with a price,

Peter Pan: Peter Pan always wins, Cheaters never win, Don’t you know, *twisted mind bending truths that’d only apply to whomever he’s talking to.

Hook: Swan, Love, I had no choice, aye, *That devil smile he gives after he says something about himself,

Belle: I want to be the hero, I love you, I believe in you.

Emma: Kid, Hey, I’m the saviour,  *1000 other totally average things that no one else in Storybrooke says

Snow: I’m sorry, I don’t know, Have Hope, We have to… *optimistic when about to die…. happens a LOT.

Charming: I will always find you (What? Is he like, stalking her 24/7?), Stay away from my daughter, We’ll find a[nother] way.

Regina: Henry!, Excuse me, I need you to…, How dare you!, I’m Evil. *Ripping hearts

Henry: Mom, Its okay, Hey! (He got that one from Emma <3)

Neal: Hey, You know what, Emma wait, Papa, TALLAHASSEE.

Evil/Wicked people: I just wanted,  I’ll destroy your happiness, if it is the last thing I do! (Or something along those lines…)

Hope you all enjoyed my brief explanation of OUAT!

-Liv 😛

Edited by Brooke J


My Cloud 9 (Chapter 12)

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Hey People! Can you believe I’m still calling this a ‘short story’?



Yes. So what? Isa is dead. It’s just me and Aunt Hildy now. I have resorted back to my strength. I feel nothing. I’m totally 100% fine, because I don’t speak, or feel. I’m almost like a robot. Trent is in a coma, so I don’t have to worry about him ruining me again. Every now and again I feel like I should go see him. Trent I mean. And Isa, I suppose. I’ve never gone to see either of them. I went to Isa’s funeral, but that’s all. My stomach is the only thing different right now.


I’ve been skipping supper. And breakfast, and lunch too. I’m pretty sure Aunt Hildy’s going to explode if I drop another pound. I’m already 15 pounds off.


I haven’t spoken to Jeremy since the incident. I see him in the halls a lot. He often looks at me, with sad, drowsy eyes. Its as if he’s drowning in the air he breaths. I don’t know how he’d drown in air. I can see how you’d drown in water, because that’s just how it works. But maybe it isn’t. Maybe we’re all drowning. Not in air or water. But in ourselves.

What if I’m drowning too? What if we drown slowly so it’s more painful, and happy days are only there to taunt us. What if he’s not the one drowning, but me. Slowly and painfully.


I think maybe, the point of all this is to prove we’ve got nothing. Nothing in us, on us, or around us. I’ve found nothing is a large factor in my life.


“Kova, we’re moving.” Aunt Hildy states defiantly at the dinner table. I haven’t even tried to make it look like I’ve been eating. I think Aunt Hildy already knows I won’t eat. She’s very smart. So smart she knows not to even bother trying to argue. Especially with someone who won’t talk.  


I give her a death stare. With anyone else, they wouldn’t have gotten any reaction at all, but I know I can’t hide from Aunt Hildy.


“Don’t you give me that look young lady, I’m done putting up with that arrogance.” Her voice it a warning tone, but her eyes gave a look of forgiveness and understanding as she swivels around her cane.


Yeah, thats right. Aunt Hildy paralyzed her left hip.


Her cane is long and curvy, with a little bone-carving on the top. The bone of Isa. Aunt Hildy says it’s her way of staying close to him in the afterlife. I’d say it’s creepy. Although if  I touch it, I feel him. The way he used to stroke my hair and play with my fingers, I smell the earthy soil of his fingertips and the smelly soaps he’d use to wash his suits for work.  Sometimes I can even hear him.

Aunt Hildy hands me her cane to sit and eat.

Its careful design etches into my skin, imprinting the small bird-like wings and loops into my palms.  That carving is the most valuable item I’ve ever owned in my entire life.


“Is that alright with you?” She asks softly. I realize she’s been talking to me this whole time. I look up into her eyes for the first time since she told me about her hip, I want to cry but I don’t, and nod. I grab the table and nearly choke on whatever is in my mouth right then because…


She smiles.

How do you like it? I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while… Buisy life!

-Liv 😛

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Early Humans: I want to be a Homo Neanderthal when I grow up!

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NCSSM via Compfight

Hello world.

Guess what? We’re not the only species of human who ever walked the earth! And apparently, scientists knew about this! What?! Yes, this is no joke. There are ancient extinct Homo (scientific word for human) that once walked the earth.

The first one is called an Australopithecus. (don’t worry, I can’t say it either.) They were very good at climbing and scavenging for food. Australopithecus had lots of  hair on there bodies, a very itty bitty brain (about the size of a mandarin orange), no language and no fire. As Connor, the Australopithecus once said, “Me die in hole,” so you can see quite clearly how they became extinct. Fall in a hole and your dead. So I definitely do NOT want to be an Australopithecus. If the creatures of our ancestry were here living among us today, what would we do? We already have 200 000 issues between human, what would we do with more different humans?

Australopithecus skull NCSSM via Compfight

Next there were Homo Habilis, and then Homo Erectus. Homo Habilis created stone tools, a bit of language, had a slightly bigger brain than the Australopithecus, and could eat bark! Homo Erectus created fire, more language and is sort of in a debate between weather or not it walked upright.

I’d want to be a Homo Neanderthal, because they had the most Language. I love to talk  and if that wasn’t a possibility… :O  They also where very strong, and smart. If they fell in a  hole, they’d get out. As the most evolved, they probably had the best cooking methods and survival methods too. I’d like to live a while, thanks.


So ya, we’re apparently not super important. Our entire lives are practically equivalent to 3mm on a 30cm ruler. How sad is that? And yet, we’ve still come the farthest. I think thats all for me.

-Liv 😛

My Cloud 9 (Chapter 11)

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Hey People!

Guess what? CHAPTER ELEVEN! 11!! 10+1! Wow! I’m so excited, I can’t even. I love this story. I hope you enjoy it too. Ok I’ll stop now, so you can read it… SQUEE! (My excited screaming)


Chapter 11

I watch Jeremy stalk off in total bafflement. Slowly I turn back around towards Trent. But I can’t. I literally can’t. I stand there staring off into space. I know I must look stupid like that, but I can’t help it. I can’t control anything in this moment. Nothing, not even myself. I run numbly, shaking and scrambling in the snow, falling ever so gently. The snowflakes swirl and swish as they reach out for me. But they can’t touch me. They land softly on the piles and piles of rubble. The rubble of what used to be my town. I keep running until I reach the cliff. There is no fence, not anymore. I cry and fall to my knees, crashing to the powdery ice. I can just make out the way the snow melts as it greets my fresh tears.


The water below rushes and claws the cliffs sides.


“Vavhempi!” I scream into the waters. “Mom!” I whisper loudly. Its echo makes me madder, or sadder, I’m not sure. I stand and face the sky, and do the only thing I can think of. I scream. I scream at the top of my lungs, I scream for Vavhempi, Mom, Uncle Kiltti, Grandpa, Grandma…. And Trent.


The whole world seems to be so cold. I take deep heaving breaths and fumble in my steps as I turn around. Tears and my fogging breath contort my vision.

Home. Home is all I think of. Go home.

My legs wobble and swerve violently with each little step I take towards my house. I should go to bed. Get some sleep. It’s been a very long day.


I keep waddling along in the snow, its up to my knees now. 33 steps. I counted. Teachers tell us counting is calming.

They lied.


“No,” I gasp and hesitate before opening the door, which is pretty useless, since there are no walls left.  I cry again. I know it does nothing to help, but it’s all I know.  I look around wildly for anything else to be in tact, but no such luck. The only piece of home left standing is the front door.


“Isa? Isa!” My voice is so frail and fragile I don’t recognize it at first. “Hildy! Aunt Hildy, Please! Anyone!” I crumble like the walls had just moments before. Panting I wait and listen for a sound. Any sound that might suggest one or preferably both of them to be alive. Silence. Rushing water. Wind. Falling snow. And then I hear it. A muffled call.


“Hold on!” Diving into the rubble on the left, I dig around slicing my fingers on everything I touch until…

A hand. I grab and pull up, whole body burning from the cold and cuts. I see her.



“Kivikova, my darling.” Aunt Hildy hugs me. “You’re okay!” Her tears mix with the blood on her cheeks.


“Where’s Isa?” I ask quietly. Aunt Hildy looks up at me sharply, as if my words have just dawned on her.


“I-I don’t know.” We call out to him for hours.


And we find him.


Half of him, that is.


Well, there goes Isa.  Hildy might have them move! Who thinks that they should move? Whoa, mega changes!

-Liv 😛

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Shadows and Us

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Hey people!

We did an art project where we took a picture of ourselves and then we drew our “Shadows”. Really it was kind of like our future selves in our shadows, but still. Ever notice how shadows seem to fallow us everywhere we go? Well, I guess if our shadows followed us into the future, this would be it!

In the picture I’m doing a high kick. In my shadow I’m starring in a Block-buster movie. I wasn’t sure how to fit fashion designer, Author, and singer into my shadow or the scene though.

First we took the picture and cut it out, positioning it on the paper, and gluing it down. Then we drew our shadows, and filled them in. Ms. Smith paid extra attention that we got the join between shadow and us.

03Liv Shadow Art Fixed03 Liv Even better  Shadow Art Fix

After that it was the background. I started with the walls in my picture, the scenery is of a movie backdrop. If I could redo it, I would. Its not as realistic as I’d hoped, but say la vie. It had to look like a city, but also like a backdrop.

One of these photo’s is super edited on Picmonkey… can you guess which one?

I hope you enjoyed and will try this if you get the chance. Comment down below what you think!


Edited by Brooke J

My Cloud 9 (Chapter 10) TEN!!!???

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new pic for my cloud 9!

Whoa!  new pic for my cloud 9!

This image was created by me through a free online photo editing website called Picmonkey!

Dearest readers;

Yes, its is true. There are MORE that TEN chapters in my “mini story”… Yikes! Here we go!!


Chapter 10

I can’t focus. Not on anything, anything, that is, but Trent.

He jumped. He did it. He trusted me and I planned it all out. My stomach must really love to do that nervous ball thing, because I can feel it doing it again. The muscles in my face scrunch together in a twisted, agonized grimace.


“I’m sorry.” I murmur. Jeremy freezes, as if taking in my two, rather simple words. 


“What?” He asks.


I shudder, and not because of any temperature. Although it is below freezing so maybe it was half because of the weather.


“I’m sorry.” I say, placing my feet on the ground.  

“Its ok, I know we were never close but maybe we could start over or something, I mean, I was thinking-” I cut Jeremy’s strong voice so easily with my own, feathery vocals, I imaging its like cutting scissors with paper, but it works.


“I’m sorry. I can’t leave Trent.” My eyes are squeezed shut in thought. I don’t know why but I just can’t.


“What?” Jeremy’s usually calm voice shudders with anger. I open my eyes. He’s staring hard at me, and I can imagine little lasers shooting out from those eyes.


“I can’t leave him.” My voice raises a little at that.


“You’re insane!” Jeremy is furios now.


“Why do you care so much?” I scream frantically. His eyes seem to hold a death black secret, that in any second, could break him split in half and it scares me.

He leans in, breathing sharply as he tucks a stray hair behind my ear. I don’t even know if there even really was a stray hair, or if it was just an excuse to come closer. Slowly he speaks. He speaks words no louder than the air in itself.

“Because,” his voice is making me shiver, and it’s as if he’s staring right into my soul. “You’re the one.”


Hope you enjoyed that because now I have to go write chapter 12!


-Liv 😀

My Cloud 9 ( Chapter 9)

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valentine day 7 of giveaway
Abbey Hendrickson via Compfight

Hi everyone

Its ready!!!! Yay!

Chapter 9


Trent swallows hard.


“Are you sure you want me to jump this pile of rubble?” He asks me. We’re standing atop the largest wall left in our city and he will have to jump over all the deadly rubble piled beneath.


“You said anything, so now you have to do anything.” I answer smugly. I hear him muttering useless, unhappy words. He takes a deep breath, and looks at me.


“I’m really sorry…” Trent almost whispers those words, like a last attempt to save himself. When I make no move to stop him, he turns back to the death-yard in front of him…and jumps.


“No!” I hear the piercing scream clawing at my ears, and it takes me a minute before I realize it’s my own. I see Trent laying below the wall. I knew he wouldn’t make it past the rubble. That was the point of the challenge, so why do I feel so empty? Why am I crying? I begin to shake with my waterfall of tears, and almost go over the wall too. Alkio grabs me seconds before my death.


“Kova! What are you doing? I get it you’re upset, but more death is not the answer. My gosh, Kova, do you have any  idea what I’d do if I lost you-” Alkio drifts of at this sentence. He’s staring his deep eyes directly into mine.


“What are you talking about?” I ask him, slowing down my tears.


“I…I don’t know. It’s nothing. Forget it.”  Alkio stammers.

I suppose I’d better call him Jeremy, being that he’s not so much of a germ anymore. I actually look at him now. He’s much stronger than he used to be. His eye’s are a deep grayish-silver, and his hair is thick and deeply rich in its reddish brown colour.


“Jeremy-” I start, as I watch the other men carry Trent’s sad looking body away.




“Is Trent… dead?” I gasp at how awful that sounds. Jeremy sighs.

“I don’t know, I wish I could tell you it’d all be okay, but I can’t. I’m sorry.” His voice is no louder than a whisper.

I cry softy into his shoulder as he carries me away from the rubble and dirt. Away from the earthquake, away from the memories, and away from the maybe dead body I feel so sick about… Away from Trent.

Well, Its here and ready! I don’t know if Trent dies or not but we’ll see!

-Liv 😛